DIN ISO 4593-2019 Prifung von Kunststoff-Folien – Bestimmung der Dicke durch mechanische Abtastung [ISO 4593:1993); Text Deutsch und Englisch.
This International Standard specifies a method for the determination of the thickness of a sample of plastics film or sheeting by mechanical scanning.
The method is not suitable for use with embossed film or sheeting.
2 Apparatus
2.1 Thickn.ss-measuring device, capable of measuring to the following accuracies:
— up to and including 100 m to an accuracy of 1 urn (see note 1);
— above 100 urn and up to and including 250 urn to an accuracy of 2 m;
— above 250 Im to an accuracy of 3 pm
NOTE 1 Where the above is not adequate and a higher accuracy is required, this method should not be applied but a more suitable measunng device or method selected The determination of gravimetric thickness is described in ISO 4591:1992. Plastics — Film and sheeting — Derermination of average thickness of a sample, and average thickness and weld of a ro61 by gravimetnc techniques (gravimetrvc thickness)
The measuring surfaces of the device shall compnse a plane ower face and either a plane o rediused upper face. All surfaces shall be polished.
2.1.1 In the case of planelplane measuring surfaces, the diameter of each face shall be between 2.5 mm and 10 mm and they shall be parallel to wthin 5 tim. The lower face shall be capable of being adjusted to conform to this requirement. The force applied to the measuring face shall be 0.5 N to 1.0 N.
4.5 Determine the thickness of the specimens at points equally spaced along the length of the specimen, as follows:
a) for samples less than 300 mm wide — 10 points;
b) between 300 mm wide and 1 500 mm wide — 20 points;
C) more than 1 500 mm wide — minimum 30 points.
Measurements shall not be taken within 50 mm of
the edges of untrimmed rolls.
5 Precision
The precision of this test method is not known because interlaboratory data are not avaiLable. When interlaboratory data are obtained, a precision statement will be added at the following revision.DIN ISO 4593 pdf download.