CSA Z98:19 Passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors.
The minimum vertical clearance between any part of a passenger ropeway and any part of an overhead system shall be not less than
a) 1.5 m for passenger ropeways with two track ropes per track under the most adverse dynamic conditions; and
b) 3 m for all other passenger ropeways under the most adverse static loading conditions.
Note: In this Clause, the term “most adverse dynamic conditions” includes adverse loading, temperatures, rope stretch, tolerances, acceleration, and braking and means
a) for track ropes, maximum static sag plus 10%;
b) for haul ropes, maximum static sag plus 20%; and
c) for haul rope throw over, maximum unsupported sag plus 30%.
4.5.3 Clearing
Preparation of a passenger ropeway or passenger conveyor right-of-way shall include the following:
a) interference by vegetation shall be prevented;
b) washouts shall be prevented; and
c) dangerous trees shall be removed (see Annex L).
4.5.4 Clearance to obstacles
Unless otherwise specified in this Standard, a minimum clearance of 1.5 m shall be provided between obstacles and ropes and between obstacles and normally hanging carriers under design operating conditions. This clearance envelope of 1.5 m shall not apply to structure or components of the passenger ropeway installation near the terminals or at the towers.
4.6 General design requirements
4.6.1 Design considerations
The design of components for passenger ropeways and passenger conveyors shall normally include, but
not be limited to, consideration of the following:
a) static and dynamic loads;
b)possible impact loads;
c) static properties;
d) fatigue endurance at a number of load cycles appropriate for the component and the installation;
e) resistance to brittle fracture; protection against corrosion; and
g) prevention of water entrapment within structures.
For each item specified in Clause, the design shall be based on the most adverse temperature condition appropriate for the installation.
4.6.2 Design loads
For the purposes of design, a passenger shall be considered to have a mass of 77 kg.
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