CSA C22.2 NO. 204-2017 Line isolation monitors.
3 Definitions
The following definitions shall apply in this Standard:
Anaesthetizing location — any area of a hospital that is designated for the administration of any flammable or nonflammable inhalation anaesthetic agent to a person in the course of an examination or treatment.
Note: While injectable anaesrhetics and local anaesthetics con be administered in an anaesthetizing location, their use does not establish the classification of the area.
Hazard index — for a given set of conditions in an isolated power system, the current (in milliamperes), composed of resistive and capacitive leakage and fault currents, that would flow through a connection of negligible impedance between either isolated conductor and ground.
Note: The hazard index with one isolated conductor connected to ground is not necessarily the same as the hazard index with the other isolated conductor connected to ground; of the two, the higher hazard index governs.
Fault hazard index — the hazard index of a given isolated system with all equipment connected except the line isolation monitor.
Monitor hazard index — the hazard index of the line isolation monitor alone.
Total hazard index the hazard index of a given isolated system with all equipment, including the line isolation monitor, connected.
Hospital — an institution where patients are accommodated on the basis of medical need and are provided with continuing medical care and supporting diagnostic and therapeutic services.
Line isolation monitor — a device that measures and displays the greater of the two total hazard indices of an isolated electrical system and provides warning when the index reaches a preset limit.
Patient care area — an area intended primarily for the provision of diagnosis, treatment, or care.
Remote indicator — a device intended to be installed in a location remote from that of a line isolation monitor and to duplicate some or all of the alarm indications presented by the monitors.
Shock hazard — a hazard considered to exist at any exposed part if the available open-circuit voltage is more than 42.4 V peak and the available current through a 1500 0 resistance is more than 5 mA.CSA C22.2 NO. 204 pdf download.