CSA C22.2NO.68-2018 Motor-operated appliances (household and commercial).
4 General requirements
General requirements applicable to this Standard are given in CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 0.
5 Construction
5.1 General
5.1.1 Components
Electrical components provided as part of appliances and auxiliary electrical equipment shall conform to the particular Standard of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part II, covering such components and shall also be suitable for their respective applications.
5.1.2 Stability
Appliances other than hand-held appliances shall meet the requirements of Clause 6.10. As an alternative, the appliance may be provided with a bracket or other device for being secured to a floor or wall so as to achieve the necessary stability, provided that it is marked in accordance with Clause 7.14.
5.1.3 Backflow prevention
Appliances having provision for connection to a potable water supply shall comply with Clause or, as applicable.
Appliances incorporating a liquid storage tank whose source is a potable water supply shall have
a) an air gap between the water inlet and the maximum water level in the storage tank. The height of the air gap shall be at least three times the diameter of the water supply pipe to the tank and shall be not less than 25 mm. All appliances except those intended for stationary installation shall comply with Clause 6.14;
b) a vacuum breaker in compliance with CAN/CSA-B64.1.1 or CAN/CSA-B64.1.2; or c) a backflow preventer in compliance with CAN/CSA-B64.3, CAN/CSA-B64.4, or CAN/CSA-B64.8.
Appliances not incorporating a liquid storage tank shall
a) be marked as specified in Clause 7.20; or
b) comply with Clause
5.2 Enclosures
5.2.1 General
Enclosures of electrical appliances shall be constructed to provide the strength and rigidity necessary to resist the normal abuse to which they might be subjected, as determined by the applicable physical abuse tests of Clause 6.11.
5.2.2 Protection of electrical parts
Electrical parts of appliances, except power supply cords, shall be located or enclosed to provide protection against accidental contact with bare or single-insulated live parts that could present a shock hazard. Parts of outer enclosures that are intended to be removed, without the use of tools, by the user of the appliance (to permit the attachment of accessories, for operating adjustments, etc.) shall not be considered a suitable means of protection against shock hazard unless the supply cord must be removed from the appliance before disassembly. Insulated brush caps do not require additional enclosures.
5.2.3 Supply cord material
If supply cord material is used as internal wiring within the enclosure of an appliance, such wiring material shall be excluded when determining compliance with Clause 5.2, provided that
a) all conductor connections are contained within a separate enclosure; and
b) the supply cord material used is at least equivalent to the power-supply cord material specified in Table 1 for the type of appliance.CSA C22.2NO.68 pdf download.