CSA S6.1:19 Commentary on CSA S6:19, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.
C5.7.1.3 Transverse moments in the cantilever portion of the deck 286
C5.7.1.4 Transverse negative moment in the interior portion adjacent to the cantilever overhang 289
C5.7.1.5 Transverse moments and tensile forces in cantilever slabs due to traffic barrier loads 289
C5.7.2 Load effects in steel grid decks 289
C5.7.3 Load effects in wood decks 289
C5.7.3.1 Transversely laminated wood deck on sawn timber stringers 289
C5.7.3.2 Stress-laminated transverse wood deck on-girders 289
C5.7.4 Transverse vertical shear in longitudinally connected concrete box beam bridges 290
C5.7.5 Analysis of floor systems in truss and arch bridges 290
C5.8 Effective flange widths for bending 291
C5.8.1 Concrete slab-on-girders 291
C5.8.2 Orthotropic steel decks 291
C5.9 Refined methods of analysis for short- and medium-span bridges 291
C5.9.1 General 291
C5.9.2 Methods of analysis 291
C5.9.3 Structural model 293
C5.9.3.1 Construction stages 293
C5.9.3.2 Model refinement 293
C5.9.3.3 Diaphragms, cross-frames, and transverse members 293
C5.9.3.4 Boundary conditions 293
C5.9.3.5 Material properties 293
C5.9.3.6 Model validation 293
C5.9.3.7 Loading 293
C5.9.4 Requirements for specific bridge types 294
C5.9.4.1 General 294
C5.9.4.2 Slab and voided slab bridges 294
C5.9.4.3 Slab-on-girder bridges 294
C5.9.4.4 Truss and arch bridges 294
C5.9.4.5 Rigid frames and integral abutment bridges 294
C5.9.4.6 Girder bridges incorporating steel grid decks, aluminum decks, or wood decks 295
C5.9.4.7 Box girder bridges 295
C5.9.4.8 Longitudinally connected beam bridges 295
C5.9.4.9 Bridges with skewed geometry 295
C5.9.4.10 Bridges with curved geometry 295
C5.9.4.11 Cable structures 296
C5.10 Long-span bridges 296
C5.10.1 General 296
C5.10.2 Cable-stayed bridges 296
C5.10.3 Suspension bridges 296
C5.11 Dynamic analysis 296
C5.11.1 General requirements of structural analysis 296
C5.11.1.1 General 296
C5.11.1.2 Distribution of masses 297
C5.11.1.4 Damping 297
C5.11.2 Elastic dynamic responses 298
C5.11.2.1 Vehicle-induced vibrations 298
C5.11.2.2 Wind-induced vibrations 298
C5.12 Stability and magnification of force effects 298
C5.12.3 Structural stability analysis for lateral sway 298.CSA S6.1 pdf download.