CSA LNG 2-2017 Liquefied natural gas vehicle fuel containers.
5 Compliance 5.1 General A tank shall be designed, fabricated, and tested in accordance with one or more of the following requirements: a) DOT 4L (49 CFR 178.57), or TC4LM; b) ASME Boiler Pressure Vessel Code; c) UN ECE R110, EN 1251, or ISO 21029; or d) AS 1210. When an outer jacket is provided, it shall be provided with an over-pressure safety device to vent the annular insulation space, if pressure becomes excessive. Compliance is required in all details, without exception. If there is evidence of a fault in carrying out a test or an error in measurement, another test shall be performed. If the results of this test are satisfactory, the results of the prior test shall not be a basis for rejection.
6 Material qualification tests and requirements
All structural materials shall be traceable to the manufacturer’s certified test reports. Materials not in
compliance with the manufacturer’s design specifications shall not be used.
All metallic materials used in tank construction shall be listed per one of the following:
a) ANSI/ASME B31.3;
b) ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code;
c) API 620, Appendix Q; or
d) EN 10028-7.
The materials shall not be used below the minimum design temperature established in these standards.
7 Manufacture and production
7.1 General
Manufacturing processes shall be the same as those used to produce the tanks subjected to design qualification tests, and shall be specified by the manufacturer in sufficient detail for consistency of production.
7.2 Welding
Welded construction of a metal tank and liner is permitted. All welding shall be conducted in accordance with the Code or Standard selected in Clause 5.1.
7.3 Provisions for mounting and protection
If mounting provisions and/or valve protecting shrouds are manufactured as part of the tank, they shall not be detrimental to the performance of the tank.
7.4 Pressure test
Each inner vessel shall be subjected to the test pressure in accordance with the pressure test of the design standard(s) selected in Clause 5.1, and maintained for at least 30 seconds without evidence of leakage, visible distortion, or other defects.
7.5 Design qualification tests
Any specific tank design shall be subjected to the qualification tests as prescribed in Clause 13. A tank equipped with all accessories and valves intended for vehicle installation may also be tested in accordance with the tests outlined in Annex A. Completed tank assemblies that have performed the tests outlined in Annex A with satisfactory results shall be exempt from the requirements of Clause 13.
Equivalent compliance shall be mutually acceptable to the manufacturer and independent inspection or testing agency.CSA LNG 2 pdf download.