CSA-C300-18 Energy performance and capacity of household refrigerators, refrigerator- freezers, freezers, and miscellaneous refrigeration products.
lume calculation methods 5.1 Determination of volume The volume shall take into account the exact shapes of the walls, including all depressions or projections. For through-the-door ice and water dispensers, the ice chute shall be included in the volume up to the dispensing function. When the volume is determined, internal fittings such as shelves, removable partitions, containers, and interior light housings shall be considered as not being in place. The measured volume shall include all spaces within the insulated volume of each compartment except for the volumes that shall be deducted. The items below shall be considered as being in place and their volumes deducted: a) The volume of control housings. b) The volume of the evaporator space (see Clause 5.2). c) The volume of all air ducts required for proper cooling and operation of the unit or cooling of any special compartments. d) Space occupied by shelves molded into the inner door panel. For clarification, the through the door ice and water dispensers and the insulating hump are not included in the volume. No part of the dispenser unit shall be included as volume. In the case of refrigerators or refrigerator-freezers with automatic icemakers, the volume occupied by the automatic icemaker, including its ice storage bin, shall be included in the volume measurement.
5.3 Example of volume calculations
5.3.1 The following component volumes shall not be included in the compartment volume measurements:
a) icemaker compartment insulation (e.g., insulation isolating the icemaker compartment from the fresh food compartment of a product with a bottom-mounted freezer with through-the-door ice service);
b) fountain recesses;
c) dispenser insulation; and
d) ice chutes (if there is a plug, cover, or cap over the chute).
5.3.2 The following component volumes shall be included in the compartment volume measurements:
a) icemaker auger motors (if housed inside the insulated space of the cabinet);
b) icemaker kits;
c) ice storage bins; and
d) ice chutes (up to the dispenser flap, if there is no plug, cover, or cap over the ice chute).
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