CSA C22.2 No. 37:20 Decorative lighting products.
5 General requirements
5.1 Mechanical construction
5.1.1 General
When a product employs a component or another product as part of its construction, each part of the product shall comply with its applicable construction requirements, For example, if a series-connected string employs a controller, construction requirements for a series-connected string, controller, cord- connected wiring device, and series-connected lampholder and lamp shall all be applied.
No edge, point, or burrs of an uninsulated live part shall contact the insulation of the wire or the insulation of the conductor of a cord that is connected at opposite polarity.
Insulation on which current-carrying parts are mounted shall be of cold-moulded or polymeric materials or of an equivalent insulating material.
Hard fiber may be used for insulating bushings, washers, separators, and barriers, but not for the sole support of live parts.
5.1.2 Decorative parts
Materials used for shades, diffusers, reflectors, or other decorative parts, including non-enclosure structural members, shall have a minimum flammability rating of HB or comply with the decorative part flammability test of Clause 5.8.11.
Simulated needles, leaves, small twigs, and other loose decorative parts located or able to be moved within 51 mm of a lampholder shall be constructed of insulating material that complies with the conductivity of decorative parts test of Clause 5.8.12.
The temperature test of Clause 5.8.5 shall be performed with the decorative parts in place on the product.
For an outdoor-use parallel-connected product provided with both lampholders and a decorative part such as a shade, diffuser, blow-moulded figure, or similar decorative cover, the decorative part shall be provided with a minimum 6.4 mm-diameter drain hole in a position to reduce the likelihood of accumulated water reaching the lampholder.CSA C22.2 No. 37 pdf download.