CSA ANSI Z21.84-2017 Manually lighted, natural gas, decorative gas appliances for installation in solid- fuel burning appliances.
Damper, fireplace — a device on the downstream side of the fire chamber, usually in or near the chimney flue, for regulating the draft or flow of flue gases.
Decorative appliance — a self-contained, freestanding, gas-burning appliance designed for installation only in a solid-fuel burning fireplace (see Clause 1.4) and whose function primarily lies in the aesthetic effect of the flame.
Coal basket — an open flame type appliance consisting of a metal basket filled with simulated coals, which gives the appearance of a coal fire when in operation.
Gas log — an open flame type appliance consisting of a metal frame or base supporting simulated logs.
Electrical diagrams — Connection — a diagram that shows the connections of an installation or its component devices or
parts. It may cover internal or external connections, or both, and contains such detail as is needed to make or trace connections that are involved. The Connection Diagram usually shows general physical arrangement of the component devices or parts.
Schematic — a diagram that shows, by means of graphic symbols, the electrical connections and functions of a specific circuit arrangement. The Schematic Diagram facilitates tracing the circuit and its functions without regard to the actual physical size, shape, or location of the component devices or parts.
Ladder form of schematic — a diagram drawn in the form of a vertical ladder. The outer vertical lines represent the electrical supply conductors. The horizontal steps represent each individual circuit with all component devices.
Excess air — air that passes through the combustion chamber and the appliance flues in excess of that which is required for complete combustion.
Fireplace, solid-fuel burning — a fire chamber and hearth constructed of noncombustible material for use with solid fuels and provided with a chimney.
Factory built — a fireplace composed of listed factory-built components assembled in accordance with the terms of listing to form the completed fireplace.
Masonry — a hearth and fire chamber of solid masonry units such as bricks, stones, listed masonry units, or reinforced concrete, provided with a suitable chimney.
Fireplace insert — see the Standard for Vented Decorative Gas Appliances, ANSI Z21.50 • CSA 2.22.
Flame check — a gauze, grid, or any other portion of the burner assembly used to avert a flashback.
Flue gases — products of combustion and excess air.CSA ANSI Z21.84 pdf download.