CSA 11.6:19 Portable water heaters for outdoor use.
4 Construction
4.1 General
The construction of a water heater, whether specifically covered in this Standard or not, shall be in accordance with reasonable concepts of safety, substantiality, and durability. All specifications as to construction set forth herein may be satisfied by the construction actually prescribed or such other construction as will provide at least equivalent performance.
Every part of a water heater shall be secure against displacement and constructed to maintain a fixed relationship between essential parts under normal and reasonable conditions of handling and usage. Parts not permanently secured shall be designed so they cannot be incorrectly assembled or improperly located when removed and replaced during cleaning or other servicing. In submitting an appliance for test, the manufacturer may furnish a list of manufacturing tolerances applicable thereto and may have the appliance tested for compliance with this Standard in both extremes of tolerances specified.
The general construction and assembly of the water heater shall be of a neat and workmanlike character with parts well fitted and bolts or other fasteners drawn up tightly to give rigidity. Any exposed edges that might reasonably be brought in contact with the hand during servicing and usage shall be smooth.
Asbestos shall not be used in the construction of a water heater.
Heating surfaces shall be securely fastened in position and shall be accessible for cleaning without major dismantling. Disconnection of the water, gas, and low-voltage electrical supply, or removal of the top of the water heater, shall be considered as complying with this provision.
An opening of sufficient size to permit ready access for cleaning the burner compartment shall be provided in the water heater casing. If satisfactory means for cleaning the burner compartment can be demonstrated, with the water heater installed as it would be in service, this requirement shall be deemed met.
Adequate means shall be provided to prevent products of combustion or condensation from the products of combustion from coming in contact with insulating material above the burner port level, unless the manufacturer submits evidence to the testing agency that the material used is satisfactory for the conditions to which it may be subjected. This provision shall not be construed to apply to the use of reasonable tolerances for assembly.
The means of flame adjustment shall be secure so the adjustment cannot be changed unintentionally.CSA 11.6 pdf download.