CAN CSA Z151-17 Concrete pumps and placing booms.
3 Definitions
The following definitions shall apply in this Standard:
Concrete a homogeneous mix of cementitious materials, graded fine and coarse aggregate, and water.
Concrete delivery hose — a flexible hose with a coupling on each end.
Concrete pump — a device for moving concrete or other liquid material through a delivery system.
Concrete pump log — document(s) or a maintenance software program containing concise and complete information on inspections, tests, maintenance activities, and repairs that have a direct bearing on the safety of a concrete pump and/or placing boom.
Concrete pump owner — a person who has custodial control of a concrete pump by virtue of lease or ownership.
Concrete pump user — a person who orders the concrete pump’s presence on a work site and controls its use there.
Concrete pump operator — a person in direct control of the functions of the concrete pump. Control panel — a set of controls mounted on a machine (see Machine).
Daily pre/post operation inspection/checklist — a form which is to be filled out daily prior to the concrete pump or placing boom being operated.
Delivery system — the delivery lines, pipes, hoses, attachment components, transfer valves, and associated equipment through which material is pumped.
Designated person a person considered competent by an employer or employer’s representative to perform specific duties, and selected by the employer or employer’s representative to perform such duties.
Durable marking — marking a part, assembly, or machine in a way that ensures that the marking remains legible for as long as it is needed.
Note: In the case ala pipe or hose component, a durable marking is one that lasts until the component is installed on a machine or put into use. For other items, a durable marking is one that lasts for the expected life of the item under reasonably foreseeable circumstances.
End hose — a flexible concrete delivery hose with only one coupling.
Grooved connection — a type of pipe connection in which a groove is machined or rolled directly into the outside of the pipe wall, creating a flange height of less than 3.81 mm (0.15 in).
Note: 3.81 mm (0.15 in) is an industry size.CAN CSA Z151 pdf download.