ANSI Z21.74-2017 Portable refrigerators.
The construction of the refrigerator, whether specifically covered in this Standard or not, shall be in accordance with reasonable concepts of safety, substantiality, and durability.
All specifications as to construction set forth herein may be satisfied by the construction actually prescribed or such other construction as will provide at least equivalent performance.
Every part of the refrigerator shall be of such construction as to be secure against displacement, distortion, warping, or other damage and shall be supported to maintain a fixed relationship between essential parts under normal and reasonable conditions of handling and usage. Parts not permanently secured shall be designed so they cannot be incorrectly assembled or improperly located when removed and replaced during cleaning or other servicing.
The general construction and assembly of the refrigerator shall be of a neat and workmanlike character with parts well fitted and bolts or other fasteners drawn up tightly to give rigidity.
The refrigerator shall be easy to light and handle without danger of cutting or burning hands, when using normal precautions. Parts that may come in contact with the hand in normal use, cleaning, adjustment, or servicing shall be free from sharp projections or edges and projecting screw ends.
Fasteners for removable parts shall be corrosion resistant or have a corrosion-resistant finish.
The refrigerator shall be constructed so as to prevent incandescent material from falling to the floor.
Valve bodies, regulators, casings, and other parts intended to maintain gas tightness to the atmosphere shall be made of material having a melting point of not less than 800°F (427 C). Shaft seals, gaskets, and lubricants shall be exempt from this provision.
4.2 Materials
Bolts, nuts, screws, and other threaded parts used in the general assembly of the refrigerator shall have threads conforming to the Standard for Unified Inch Screw Threads (UN and UNR Thread Form), ANSI/ASME 81.1, or other recognized standards.ANSI Z21.74 pdf download.