ANSI/CSA NGV 5.1-2016 Residential fueling appliances.
4 General construction and assembly
4.1 Operating temperature
The RFA shall, at a minimum, have an operating temperature range between 0 °C (32°F) and 40 °C (104°F). The manufacturer may specify lower minimum temperature and or a higher maximum temperature. The unit shall be non-functional outside of the listing temperature range.
4.2 Materials
All materials shall be suitable for their intended application and that, as appropriate, materials are resistant to the rated temperature extremes, corrosion, moisture, natural gas, and aging.
4.3 Fasteners
Fasteners used to attach any adjustable or removable part for servicing shall be constructed of corrosion-resistant material or shall have a corrosion-resistant coating.
4.4 Ferrous parts
All ferrous components and parts that come into direct contact with natural gas shall be adequately protected from degradation. Degradation protection coatings shall provide protection equivalent to that of any of the coatings in Table 1 of ASTM A525.
6 General design requirements
The construction of parts and components not covered by this Standard shall be in accordance with reasonable concepts of safety, substantiality, and durability.
All specifications as to construction set forth herein shall be satisfied by the construction actually prescribed or such other construction as will provide at least equivalent performance.
6.1 Pressure bearing parts
All pressure-bearing parts and components, including tubing, hoses, seals, and fittings, shall be rated for at least the maximum allowable working pressure of that portion of the RFA in which the component is located. The RFA manufacturer shall provide specifications and ratings as published or declared by the component manufacturer.
6.2 Rating ofcomponents/parts
All components and parts subject to the fill pressure of the RFA shall be rated for the MAWP. The RFA manufacturer shall provide specifications and ratings as published or declared by the component manufacturer.
6.3 Pressure setting
Natural gas pressure-sensing and relieving means shall not incorporate an adjustable pressure setting.
Use of a tamper-resistant means is considered acceptable.
6.4 Isolation installation
A means of isolation (e.g., shutoff valve) shall not be installed between the monitored pressure source and the pressure-relieving means.
6.5 Shutdown procedure
Shutdown of the RFA for any reason during operation (except as noted in the following paragraph) shall require a manual procedure to restart (see Clause 3, Definitions).
Automatic restarts are permitted following electrical power failures provided power supply to all safety devices has been restored.ANSI/CSA NGV 5.1 pdf download.