AS 5238.1:2021 Cranes – Cabins and control stations Part 1: General (ISO 8566-1:2010, MOD).
This part of Iso 8566 specifies the general requirements for cabins and control stations from which cranes, as defined in ISO 43 06-1, are operated.
It takes the conditions of use of the cabin into consideration.
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3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
crane cabin
space in a crane or in its immediate vicinity which is specially designed, built and equipped for operating the crane
control device
part of the control system of the crane, by means of which the desired control command is conveyed to the operating device
control element
part of a control device, such as push buttons, levers, pedals and switches, the manipulation of which creates the desired control command
seat index point
point on the central vertical plane of seat
Note 1 to entry: Adapted from ISO 53 53:1995, definition 3.1.
control station
permanent position of controls on or off the crane
4 Control stations
4.1 The crane operator’s view, when the crane is in the prescribed operating position, shall enable the operator to monitor the movement of the crane and its load.AS 5238.1 pdf download.