AS NZS 5601.2:2020 Gas installations Part 2: LP Gas installations in caravans and boats for non- propulsive purposes.
AS NZS 5601.2 specifies requirements and means of conformance for the design, installation, repair, alteration, modification, replacement and commissioning of LP Gas installations in caravans and boats for non-propulsive purposes.
The requirements cover — cara vans;
mobile homes, mobile holiday homes, campervans and motor homes;
transportable structures with fixed gas installations, other than transportable homes and classroom units;
trucks and trailers incorporating fixed gas installations; boats;
floating restaurants, whether fixed or mobile; and catering vehicles, whether self-propelled or towed.
NOTE 1 A mobile home includes what is often referred to as a “tiny house”, which is a relocatable home as distinct from a permanent structure that is transported from one fixed location to the next (see exclusions below). NOTE 2 Where commercial catering equipment is to be installed, refer to AS/NZS 5601.1 for specific appliance installation requirements downstream of the appliance installation valve.
1.1.2 Exclusions
This Standard does not apply to — installations covered by statutory requirements such as the New Zealand Maritime
Transport Act 1994 and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, National Standard for Commercial Vessels;
the use of LP Gas as a fuel for automotive or propulsion purposes; installations in transportable homes and classroom units; installation of commercial catering equipment;
portable or mobile gas appliances (such as barbeques or patio heaters) that are connected to an LP Gas cylinder, other than where an LP Gas cylinder(s) is connected to piping; and
the service or repair of a gas appliance.
1.1.3 Application Conformance
The user of this Standard is expected to be familiar with the properties and characteristics of LP Gas and the principles of combustion, ventilation and flueing applicable to the safe installation and operation of gas appliances.
The requirements of this Standard shall be used in conjunction with, but do not take precedence over, statutory regulations that may apply in any area. Where no requirement is given, good practice shall apply.
NOTE 1 In a matter of uncertainty, advice should be sought.
This Standard applies to new installations, alterations and extensions commenced after its publication date or the date of adoption by the relevant Technical Regulator. It does not apply retrospectively to existing installations or to their repair. However, modifications to existing installations shall conform to the requirements of this Standard.
NOTE 2 Although this Clause does not apply to the repair of a gas appliance in an existing installation, immediate steps should be taken to make safe any unsafe gas appliance(s) or gas installation.AS NZS 5601.2 pdf download.