AS 2758.0:2020 Aggregates and rock for engineering purposes Part 0: Glossary and general series information.
recycled aggregate
aggregate derived from the processing of materials previously used in a product or from construction activities that would otherwise be sent to waste
Note 1 to entry: Where recycled aggregates are to be used in construction, they should be subject to a separate works specification under the AS 2758 series.
single sized aggregate one sized aggregate
aggregate in which at least 60 % (by mass) of the total material passes a sieve, which is immediately less than the nominal size of the aggregate and is retained on the sieve immediately following the selected sieve in the selected set
Note I to entry: The typical sieve set used in Australia include sieves with the following aperture sizes: 75.0 mm, 53.0 mm, 37.5 mm, 26.5 mm, 19.0 mm, 13.2 mm, 9.50 mm, 6.70 mm, 4.75 mm, 2.36 mm, 0.600 mm and 0.075 mm. This selection of sieves is approximately a quarter series.
indicates the existence of an option
nominal size
designation of an aggregate that indicates the largest size particle present
Note 1 to entry: The concept of nominal size of an aggregate is for convenience of reference and ordering and is summarized below:
sample increment
amount of material for aggregates and sands taken directly from the conveyor, bin, truck or section of a stockpile, a placed layer in earthworks or a pavement layer
amount of material for aggregates and sands collected in a single pass of a sampler head
indicates that a statement is mandatory
indicates a recommendation
source rock
in situ rock mass located in a quarry to be used in the production of crushed rock, aggregate or manufactured sand
supply agreement
agreement between the aggregate supplier and a second party that details the test procedures and limits for aggregate supply
Note 1 to entry: The agreement may detail sampling requirements and testing frequency. The agreement may be for a specific project or for regular, routine supply.
works specification
body of documents detailing the construction requirements for a works project, which include specification and supply arrangements for materials, including materials specified in the AS 2758 series, delivered to or produced on site
Note 1 to entry: This body of documents may include specifications in the AS 2758 series, references to these documents, extracts from these documents, or these documents with included variations.AS 2758.0 pdf download.