AS 19202.1:2021 Summer toboggan runs Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods (ISO 19202-1:2017 (ED.1.0) MOD).
This document specifies the safety requirements for planning of track, design and calculation, manufacturing, erection, testing and commissioning of summer toboggan runs and their components according to Clause 3. Those are sports facilities with an inclined guided downhill track, on which the user passes a difference in height by user’s dependent speed control, to a limited velocity and descending by gravity. Its basic approach is the consciousness that the sledding usually implies for the users a remaining risk, which is comparable with sports activities, e.g. bicycle riding, alpine skiing, rope courses, because
a) active independent actions without supervision are necessary on tracks in order to control descents (distance control and braking), and
b) posture and balance to ensure the balance between centrifugal and gravitational force are required. This document is applicable to summer toboggan runs and major modification to summer toboggan runs and toboggans manufactured after the effective date of publication.
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