BS ISO 20890-3-2020 Guidelines for in-service inspections for primary coolant circuit components of light water reactors Part 3: Hydrostatic testing.
4 Test system
4.1 General
The system pressure test provides a global statement of integrity regarding the reactor coolant system and, as a safety measure for monitoring the consequences of alleged operationally Induced damage mechanisms, is a part of the concept for assuring component integrity during operation,
A general test procedure shall be prepa red. Annic.A contains the Items of the general test procedure.
4.2 Standard system
The system pressure test Is an integral test covenng prrssurr.retaining components of the reactor coolant system. After tilling the reactor coolant system with the test medium, the system is pressurised in accordance with a pressure-temperature-schedule to the test pressure, which shall he applied continuously during a defined holding time. The pressure is then reduced to the operating pressure and a visual (inspection) examination of the pressure•retaining components is performed for leakages.
Wheii planningand performingthe visual (inspection) examination, aspects ofminimising the radiation exposure shall be considered.
5 Requirements
5.1 Personnel requirements
The test personnel shall have the skills to perform the work they are to carry out. In particular, they shall possess adequate experience In performing and evaluating system pressure tests on pressurised containers and piping and relevant knowledge about the reactor coolant system and about operationally induced damage.
Those personnel, using qualified procedures and equipment, should 1w qualified through one or any combination of the Following;
— certification through a national personnel certification scheme;
— theoretical and/or open trials.
— assessment based on the procedure set by testing organization
Any personnel certlfic.fllon requirements Invoking relevant national personnel certification schemes should be validated according to Tah&I. Any additional personnel training requirements should also be specified In the qualification dossier,
II no relevant scheme exists or II extra personnel qualification is needed, the qualification body should determine the additional practical and theoretical examinations needed beyond those in the national certification schenw, include these In the qualification procedure and ensure that the test procedure also includes the necessary requirements. The qualification procedure should describe the proposed system.BS ISO 20890-3 pdf download.