BS EN 1264-5-2021 Water based surface embedded heating and cooling systems Part 5: Determination of the thermal output for wall and ceiling heating and for floor wall and ceiling cooling.
The EN 1264 senes gives guidelines for surface embedded heating and cooling systems installed In buildings. residential and non-residential (e.g otlice, public, commercial and industrial buildings) and focuses on systems Installed for the purpose of thermal comfort
The EN 1264 series gives guidelines for water based healing and cooling systems embedded into the enclosure surfaces of the room to be heated or to be cooled. It also specifies the use of other healing media instead of water, as appropriate.
The EN 1264 series specifies standardized product characteristics by calculation and testing the thermal output olheatrng for technical cltlcations and certlilcatlon. For the design, construction and operation of these systems. see EN 1264.3 and EN 1264-4 ror the types A. B, C. I), II. I and P. For the types E. F and G see the EN ISO 11855 series.
The systems specified In the EN 1264 series are adforned to the structural base of the enclosure surfaces of the building mounted directly or with thong supports. The EN 1264 serIes does not specify ceiling systenis mounied in a suspended ceiling with a designed open air g.ip between the system and the hueldmg structure which allows the thermally Induced circulation of the air. The thermal output of these systems can be determined according to the EN 14037 series and EN 14240
EN 1264-S specifies the realcuIaUon of values determined In EN 1264.2 for the system In question. It enables the conversion 0(0w calculanon and measurement results of EN 1264.2 fitly results fat other surface orientations In the room, It. for ceiling and wall heating, as well as for the application as cooling surfaces. i.e. for floor, ceiling and wall cooling. The test results of EN 1264-2 are the basis of all calculation, whether or not the system In question Is used for heating or cooling application
2 Normative references
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EN 1264.1, Watrr band surface embed dod heating and coaling systemc — PartS: Definitions and sjnnbols
EN 1264-2:2021, Water based surface embedded heating and cooling systems— Part 2: Floor heating:
Methods for the determination ci(tlie thermal output using calcukiuons and experimental rests
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given In EN 1264.1 apply.
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