BS IEC IEEE 61886-1-2021 Subsea equipment Part 1: Power connectors, penetrators and jumper assemblies with rated voltage from 3 kV [Umax = 3,6 kV) to 30 kV [Umax= 36 kV).
Rated current shall normally be specified for rated frequency in sea water at 20 °C for class I and in the relevant medium at the maximum ambient temperature as specified In Table 4 for classes 1110 IV. For connector assemblies operating in other conditions, the rated current and corresponding operational ambient conditions shall be clearly specified in the data sheet.
If the extended temperature rise test is performed, the current carrying capacity versus ambient temperature characteristics shall be included in the datasheet.
For systems involving harmonic currents, the system designer should select a current rating that considers the additional heat generated by the harmonic currents (both in the main conductor and cable screens as applicable). If considered required, and agreed between manufacturer and purchaser, additional temperature rise tests can be performed. Short circuit current rating
Unless otherwise specified, the standard value of the rated thermal short-time current (11h) shall be 25 times the rated current (Ir)’ tth being 1 s.
Unless otherwise specified, the standard value of the rated dynamic current, ‘d’ shall have amplitude of the first peak equal to 2,5 times ‘th’
The maximum permissible short circuit temperature of the conductors shall be calculated in accordance with IEC 60986 and/or be verified by the FEA.
5.3.2 Earthlng Earthing of cable screens
Connector assemblies shall have means for the earthing of housings and cable screens. The earthing connection shall be copper or a copper alloy, with a cross section area and current rating capacity similar to that of the cable screen; however, the cross-section area shall be a minimum of 6 mm2.
For single phase jumpers (cables), screen currents could be considerable if the screens are earthed in both ends. If single-ended earthing of the screen is selected, the screen termination shall be designed to handle the induced voltage on the screen. Shell continuity
Unless specified differently in the project requirements specification or data sheet, connectors shall be designed to provide a shell continuity corresponding to 100 mV voltage drop or less at room temperature (20 °C) with a current of 10 A DC.
5.3.3 Dummy connectors
Electrical voltage rating, including acceptable voltage test level, shall be clearly specified in the data sheet, and marked on each item.BS IEC IEEE 61886-1 pdf download.