BS EN ISO 9308-1-2000 Water quality- Detection and enumeration of Escherichia coli and coliform bacteria – Part 1: Membrane filtration method.
4.4 Evaluation and confirmation. Rapid Test
The colonies on the membrane *1wh we able to form n&Ne from the trypeophan suppbed In the agar medean arc
counted as E. cot The marten of E. cot lAdy to be present in 100 ml ot the sample are counted
5 Apparatus and glassware
Usu microtsc*gical tabordory equipment. and wi parxulai
51 Apparatus for .l.rllizatlon by steam (Ruloclay.).
Apparatus and glassware not si.ppled sterile shall be slerized according to the instruchons given in 1508199.
L2 Water beet, aridor Incubalor thermostacaty controlled a (38 ± 2) C.
5.3 Water beth arrd.’or Incubelor menviostascaly controfled al (44,0 0.5) C
NOTE Far me llapd Tait. wwte ol tie mators 52 aito 5. a pogranwntele inctarabor wei jd seeing may be used, iel3errd(44A)rO.5)C, 54 pH meter, wtihanaccuracyof 0.I.
5.3 EquIpment br membrane filtration, in accordance w4b ISO SI 99.
5.6 Membrane filter, composed of cellulose esters, uuaIy about 47 mm or 50 mm in anleWc, with fIlation characteristics eqr,vdenl to a rated nominal pore diameter of 0.45 pm and preferably with gnds
The liners sine be free from growth-lrilaraing or growth-promoting properties and the printing Ink used for the id shall floe aff.ct the growth of bacteria. If not oblalned stede, they shat be s*.r*zed in accordance wth tie nnanAacIure?s iretruc1lons Every belch of membranes should be tested in accordarice with ISO 7704 for its suitability for tie lest eispaciaty since me use of different brands of filter may resul In a 9llerexe in coOir development.
NOTE Green menrarrane teens may be h.Iphi eli using Pie Repd Test for a belier Oetectbr 01 colour devekemant.
57 Forceps with rounded tips for handling membranes.
5.8 UNraviolat lamp, wavelength 254 fin, (low-presaure mercøy lamp).
WARNING — UV light causes frri(ation of eyes and *I. Use protective glasses and gloves.
5.9 FIner pads, with a dlameeer at a least 47mm.
6 Culture media and reagents
For the preparation of ctitftse me(a reagents, use Ingredients of e%ilm qualIty and chemicals of andylical grade (see nOte); folow the Instructions given in annex B. Altarnatively, use commeroaly available macla and rs.gents whtcti comply with the oompoeitice,s given in anries B and blow .anictty the manu(aclisers irwiruchons
NOTE The use of diee,lc 01 other graite Is postibs. provrig they w thown to be of equd performance in me lest. For preparation of ciitur. made, use glees-distilled water or deionized water lree from substances which might
iriiibit bacterial growth under the conditions of the test, and which in accordance with 190 3696
L.kiless specified otherwe. the prepared media are stable for at least one month it stored in the dark at (5 t 3) C and protected against evaporaton.BS EN ISO 9308-1 pdf download.