BS EN 12404-2020 Durability of wood and wood-based products – Assessment of the effectiveness of masonry fungicide to prevent growth into wood of Dry Rot Serpula lacrymans (Schumacher ex Fries) S.F. Gray – Laboratory method.
5.2.4 Equipment for chemical gas or for steam sterilization or access to a radiation source
(see AnnexB).
5.2.5 Carbon dioxide, compressed gas in cylinders.
5.2.6 Sodium chloride, saturated solution in water.
5.2.7 Portland cement, conforming to EN 413-1.
5.2.8 Hydrated building lime, conforming to EN 459-1.
5.2.9 Bricklaying mortar sand, quartz sand with a particle size equal to or less than 1 mm, washed under running tap water until the water is no longer turbid.
5.3 Apparatus
5.3.1 Culture vessels
Straight sided flat bottom glass culture vessels with an aperture of 50 mm to 60 mm (see Figure 3), provided with both screw caps without a hole, used for culturing the test fungus (9.1), and screw caps with a central hole equal in size to the outer diameter of the tube (5.32) plus the thickness of the tubing (5.13) in diameter.
NOTE The alternative type C.2 of test vessels described in EN 113, have been found to be suitable.
5.3.2 Rigid tubes, which can be sterilized using an autoclave (for example glass, or polyvinylidene Iluoride) with an inner diameter of 35 mm to 46 mm and a length of at least 150 mm.
5.3.3 Tubing, with a diameter corresponding to the outer diameter of the rigid tubes (5.32) with a wall thickness of(1,0 ± 0,5) mm and cut into lengths of (40.0 ± 1,0) mm capable of being sterilized using an autoclave.
NOTE Tibing made of rubber has been found to be suitable.
5.3.4 Inert supports of maximum thickness 3 mm and when in use, do not obscure more than 10 % of the mortar surface.
NOTE Stainless steel washers of overall diameter 25 mm have been found to be suitable. Two supports are required for each test assembly.
5.3.5 Conditioning chamber, well ventilated and controlled at (20 ± 2) °C and (65 ± 5) % relative humidity.
5.3.6 Culture chamber, dark and controlled at (22 ± 1) °C and (70 ± 5) % relative humidity.
5.3.7 Drying oven, capable of being controlled at (45 ± 1) °C.
5.3.8 Autoclave, adjustable to (121 ± 2) °C.BS EN 12404 pdf download.