BS 9997-2019 Fire risk management systems – Requirements with guidance for use.
3.22 hot works
operations involving the use of open flames or the local application of heat or friction
NOTE Examples of hot works include:
• welding:
• grinding and disc cutting;
• soldering;
• use of blow lamps;
• use of bitumen boilers
3.23 interested party
person or organization that can affect, be affected by, or perceive themselves to be affected by the fire risk management performance of the organization
NOTE interested parties can include employees; tenants; k’aseholders, Insurance companies, contractorS, principal contractors and enforcing authoriUes
3.24 management of fire safety
task(s) carried out by a defined individual or individuals with the appropriate powers and iesou to ensure that the fire safety systems (passive, active and procedural) within a building are working property at all times
3.25 monitoring
determining the status of a system, a process or an activity
NOTE To determine the status there might be a need to check supervise or critically observe.
3.26 objective
result to he achieved
NOTE I An objective can be strategic, tactical or operational.
NOTE 2 Objectives can relate to different disciplines (such as financial, health and safety, and environmental goals) and can apply at different lewis (such as strategic, organization-wide, projecL product and process).
NOTE 3 An objective can be expressed in other ways, e.g. as an intended outcome, a purpose. an operational criterion or afire risk management objective, or by the use of ocher words with similar meaning, e.g. aim, goal or target
NOTE 4 In the context of FRM systems; fire risk management objectives ore set by the organization, consistent with the fire policy, to achieve specific resuiti
3.27 organization
person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships to achieve its objectives
NOTE The concept of organization includes, but Is not limited to, sole trader, limited company, corporation, firm, enterprise, authority, partnership, charity or institution, or part or combination thereof whether incorporated or not, public or private.BS 9997 pdf download.