AS NZS 2040.2:2021 Performance of household electrical appliances一Clothes washing machines Part 2: Energy efficiency labelling requirements.
5.2.3 Format
The dimensions and geometry for all energy rating label elements shall be consistent with those provided in Appendix B.
5.3 Label variants
There are two forms of the energy rating label for clothes washing machines: the base label and the super efficiency label.
The base energy rating label is shown in Figures 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4.
The super efficiency energy rating label is shown in Figures 5.2 and 5.5.
One of the following label variants shall be used for an energy rating label for clothes washing machines under the circumstances specified:
(a) Where a product achieves a star rating from 1 to 6 stars in accordance with Table 2.1 — base label (with the relevant star rating and energy consumption).
(b) Where a product achieves a star rating from 7 to 10 stars in accordance with Table 2.1 — the super efficiency label showing 6 stars in the lower arch and relevant energy consumption in the lower part and the earned stars (7, 8, 9 or 10) in the upper arch, as applicable.
NOTE 1 Electronic artwork may be accessed at
NOTE 2 Energy rating labels are registered as Trade Marks under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth). The Commonwealth of Australia is the registered owner of these Trade Marks. Guidelines for other use of the label, including who needs to seek permission to use the label, and the terms and conditions of use for the labels can be accessed at
NOTE 3 The labels are used by importers, manufacturers and suppliers, who are required by law to put the label on products at the point of sale.
5.4 Content of energy rating label elements
5.4.1 Base energy rating label elements
A base energy rating label shall include the following elements (see Figure 5.1):
(a) Element a — The element “a” band shall terminate according to the appliance star rating (see Table 2.1), either bisecting the relevant star for a rating involving a half star or bisecting the gap between the relevant star and the next highest on the scale, for a rating of only full stars.
(b) Element b — The brand, model and rated load capacity shall be inserted here as indicated by element “b” in Figure 5.1. The wording shall be complete and concise. The lines shall not exceed a length of 65 mm. They shall have normal spacing of letter, line and word. They shall be centred horizontally in the area allowed. Where required, the brand and model text may be placed on two lines centred within the available space.
(c) Element c — The panel of element “c” shall contain the comparative energy consumption (CEC). Labels with omitted cold wash details shall not display a blue panel and the red panel shall be centred. The numeric figure that applies to the particular appliance shall be in the font and size indicated and centred in the panels. The spacing between the figures of a three- figure number is the same as for a four-figure number.
(d) Element d — The words “warm wash program name” shall be replaced with the name of the program for energy efficiency labelling including any associated settings recommended by the manufacturer. Where provided, “cold wash program name” shall be replaced with the program name and any other associated settings for a cold wash recommended by the manufacturer.AS NZS 2040.2 pdf download.