AS ISO 7132:2021 Earth-moving machinery – Dumpers – Terminology and commercial specifications.
5 Performance characteristics
The following performance characteristics are used in connection with dumpers: the International Standard indicates further characteristics and test methods as appropriate; the term number refers to the term as defined in this International Standard.
a) ISO net power (engine): see Iso 9249.
b) Maximum travel speed: see ISO 6014.
c) Tractive force rimpull (3.2.1):
1) Tractive force with direct drive transmission (;
Tractive force rimpull with powershift transmission, electric drive or hydrostatic drive (
d) Empty body dump and return time (3.2.2).
e) Steering capability
1) Turning radius: see ISO 7457.
Machine clearance diameter: see ISO 7457.
f) Braking performance: based on requirements given in ISO 3450.
g) Payload (3.2.3).
6 Commercial literature specifications (SI units)
6.1 Engine
Specify the characteristics:
a) manufacturer and model;
b) compression-ignition (diesel) or spark-ignition;
c) type of cycle (two- or four-stroke);
d) naturally aspirated, mechanically supercharged, or turbo-charged, with or without aftercooling;
e) number of cylinders;
f) bore;
g) stroke;
h) displacement;
I) cooling system (air or water cooled);
j) type of fuel;
k) power, flywheel net at r/min;
l) torque, maxirnum at r/min;
m) starter type;
n) electrical system V.
6.2 Transmission
Specify the type, for example:
— manual shift with flywheel clutch;
— power shift with torque converter;
— hydrostatic;
— electric;
— number of gear speeds, forward and reverse;
— travel speeds (forward and reverse).
A graph of rimpull versus speed should be shown.
6.3 Drive axle(s)
Specify the type, for example:
— steerable;
— fixed, oscillating and/or suspended;
— hydrostatic;
— electric;
— bevel gear and pinion;
— differential — standard, non-slip, limited slip or lock-up;
— planetary final drive.
6.4 Steering
6.4.1 Type
Specify type in accordance with ISO 5010, for example:
— articulated frame;
— front-wheel steer;
— rear-wheel steer;
— all-wheel steer;
— crawler skid steer;
— boosted, manual, hydrostatic;
— emergency steer method.
6.4.2 Performance
— turning radius , left and right;
— machine clearance diameter.AS ISO 7132 pdf download.