AS ISO 6015:2021 Earth-moving machinery一Hydraulic excavators and backhoe loaders – Methods of determining tool forces.
working circuit hydraulic pressure
normal operating pressure applied to the specific circuit by the pump(s)
maximum relief circuit hydraulic pressure
maximum static pressure in a specific circuit limited by a relief valve at a flow no greater than 10% of the rated circuit flow
hydraulic limit
condition when the tool forces are limited by maximum relief circuit pressure
tipping limit
condition when the tool forces are limited by the onset of tipping of the machine
slipping limit
condition when the tool forces are limited by the machine slipping on the test surface
4 Measurement methods
4.1 Test site and general
The test site shall consist of a level, hard surface, with anchor points and space for using the measuring devices specified in 4.2.1 to 4.2.3. For measurements made below the ground plane, a space below that plane is required for acceptance of the machine tool and the measurement devices, the anchorage and any auxiliary equipment.
All measurements shall be accurate to within ± 2 % or shall accord with an International Standard relative to test equipment accuracy.
In the preferred method, the force to be measured is applied directly to the force measuring device (4.2.1). If the force is applied via a pulley, its friction should be taken into account. The wire rope (4.2.4) should be as short as possible to minimize the affect on accuracy.
4.2 Test apparatus
4.2.1 Force measuring device, of accuracy according to ISO 9248.
4.2.2 Hydraulic oil pressure measuring device, of accuracy according to Iso 9248.
4.2.3 Instrument(s) for measuring linear dimensions, of accuracy according to ISO 9248.
4.2.4 Wire ropes and shackles, pulley, safety chains and adjustable supporting frames.
4.3 Preparation for testing
The machine shall be equipped according to ISO 6016.
The machine shall be fitted with the bucket, grab or clamshell and appropriate counterweights, and shall have the tyre pressure, and tyre ballast or track tension as specified by the manufacturer. The hoe, shovel, grab or clamshell equipment for each test shall be as specified by the manufacturer.AS ISO 6015 pdf download.