AS ISO 4510.1:2021 Earth-moving machinery一Service tools Part 1: Common maintenance and adjustment tools.
This part of Iso 4510 lays down, for guidance, the tool groupings commonly used for carrying out on-site, normal maintenance and routine adjustment work on earth-moving machinery as defined in ISO 6165.
Manufacturers should choose suitable tools from table 1 for normal maintenance and routine adjustment work, and specify in suitable manuals, as described in ISO 6750, the type of tools to be used for carrying out such maintenance and adjustment work.
2 References
ISO 263, Iso inch screw threads — General plan and selection forscrews, bolts and nuts — Diameter range 0.06 to 6 in.
ISO 6165, Earth-moving machinery — Basic types — Vocabulary.
ISO 6750, Earth-moving machinery — Operation and maintenance — Format and content of manuals.
3 Types and sizes
The metric and inch sizes shown under the heading “Nominal dimension” in table 1 are not intended to be equivalent, but represent actual dimensional sizes for tools conforming to the metric and inch nomenclature. There is not, therefore, an automatic inch equivalent for every metric size shown.
4 Application of hand tool groups
The annex outlines, in the form of general guidelines, when and how to apply the hand tool groups given in table 1 intended for on-site normal maintenance and routine adjustment work on the machines.
1) The combination wrench may be replaced by an engineer’s wrench, double head, open end, or by a box wrench, double head with the given dimensions for s.
2) U No.5 indicates unified screws No. 5. (See ISO 263.)
3) Inflator gauge is used for rubber-tyred machines and may have a dual gauge, for example in MPa and bar (1 bar = 1O Pa = 105 N/m2) or psi, reflecting the local units.
4) Tools with a specific fixed end should normally be used and an adjustable wrench should only be used when such a specific tool is not available.
NOTE — For tools for drain plugs with square holes, use 12,5 mm or 20 mm square drive.AS ISO 4510.1 pdf download.