AS 8005:2020 Accessories for child restraints used in motor vehicles.
Section 4 Packaging, marking and instructions
4.1 General
This Section specifies general requirements for the packaging, and marking and labelling of child restraint accessories as well as instructions for use and safety. The requirements in this Section apply in addition to the specific requirements for the applicable category of accessory covered in Sections 5 to U.
This Section covers —
(a) information to be supplied on the packaging (see Clause 4.3)
(b) information to be permanently marked on the accessory (see Clause 4.4) and
(c) information to be supplied in an Instruction book or sheet (see Clause 4.5).
NOTE Manufacturers making a statement of conformity with this Australian Standard on a product, or on packaging or promotional material related to that product, are advised to ensure that such conformance is capable of being verified.
4.2 General requirements
4.2.1 Language
The information shall be printed in English.
4.2.2 Print size and contrast
Printing shall be clear and legible. It shall be in either initial capital and lowercase letters or all capital letters, except for the warnings in AS/NZS 1754:20 13 Table 6.2 which shall be in the same case as shown in the Table. Unless otherwise specified, the capital letters shall have a height of not less than 1.8 mm.
NOTE 1 Examples of suitable typeface for printing instructions are Helvetica and Univers.
Printed statements and warnings required by this Section shall be in contrasting colour to the background.
NOTE 2 Moulded-in text where the print and the background are the same colour as the moulding is considered to have no contrast.
4.2.3 Illustrations
The instruction book or sheet shall include diagrams showing the correct methods of attachment of the accessories and the correct method of use.
4.2.4 Durability of marking
The wording on the accessory, on labels fixed to the accessory and on fabric covers shall be legible after being rubbed by hand for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked in water, allowed to dry and then rubbed for 15 s with a piece of cloth soaked with liquid domestic dishwashing detergent.
The following procedure for testing labels shall apply:
(a) Where a fabric or flexible label is used, the marking shall remain legible when the fabric component is washed 6 times according to the care label.
(b) Where care instructions are not provided, then 6 gentle machine wash cycles shall be performed.AS 8005 pdf download.