AS 4428.3:2020 Fire detection, warning, control and intercom systems一Control and indicating equipment Part 3: Fire brigade panel.
2.2.12 Indicators and controls Alignment of indicators and controls
indicators c, d, e and f located within the FBP frame shall be in line, horizontally or vertically.
Controls k,l,m and o shall be grouped together horizontally or vertically in line, and in the order shown in Figures 2.1 and 2.3.
Rows or columns of indicators and controls shall not intersect or overlap. Maximum number of optional indicators
The total number of optional indicators c, d, and e shall not exceed 6 when located inside the FBP frame.
2.2.13 Field for alarm signalling equipment address code
The FBP shall have a field m for the alarm signalling equipment address or ID code.
NOTE The alarm signalling equipment address or ID code is allocated by the monitoring service provider.
2.2.14 Audible indication
Audible indication shall be provided to indicate fault and alarm conditions on a non-integrated FBP.
2.2.15 Fault condition signalling from non-integrated FBP
Any of the faults specified in Clause shall cause a fault condition to be indicated at the FDCIE.
Where a non-integrated FBP has its own PSE, a PSE fault shall be indicated at the FDCIE.
2.4 Access level
Access Level 2 shall be enabled by means of a 003 key lock or switch fitted to the FBP facia or protective door.
Where there is no door, the key switch shall be outside the FBP frame and labelled ‘ACCESS”. It shall not be possible to remove the key when Access Level 2 is selected.
NOTE For an explanation of access levels, see AS 7240.2.
2.5 Layout and measurements
2.5.1 General
The FBP may be integrated in the same enclosure as FDCIE in accordance with AS 7240.2 or may be non-integrated in an enclosure in accordance with AS 7240.2.
2.5.2 Shape, colour and dimensions
The following shall apply:
(a) The FBP frame shall —F
(i) be red;
(ii) be unbroken except for the required wording;
(iii) be rectangular;
(iv) have corners that may be either chamfered or rounded;
(v) have internal angles no greater than 120°;
(vi) be no less than 3 mm in width; and
(vii) have the words AFIRE BRIGADE PANEL” as part of the top line of the FBP frame or immediately above, in letters not less than 3 mm high.
(b) The background colour of the FBP facia shall be in a contrasting colour to the FBP frame.
(c) The centre-to-centre distance of controls shall be not less than 15 mm.
(d) The face dimensions of the push buttons shall be not less than 10 mm.
(e) Controls and indicators shall be labelled in letters not less than 3 mm high.
2.6 Operating software
The firmware and any site-specific data versions shall be able to be shown on display b if used. When display b is not used, the information shall be clearly marked on the firmware and data storage devices. The information shall be available at Access Level 3 or 4 but may also be accessible at other levels.
2.7 Marking
The FBP shall be durably marked with the following information, which shall be legible at Access Level 1 or 2:
(a) The number and date of this Standard, i.e. AS 4428.3:2020.
(b) The name or trademark of the manufacturer or supplier.AS 4428.3 pdf download.