AS 2419.4:2021 Fire hydrant installations Part 4: Storz fittings for firefighting purposes.
any visible permanent deformation of a fitting, including any of its components
dust cap
fitting used to close the open end of a hose coupling or other fitting to prevent ingress of dust and debris
Note 1 to entry: Does not create a closed (sealed) water system.
fire brigade
statutory authority constituted under an Act of parliament having as one of its functions, the protection of life and property from fire and other emergencies
Note 1 to entry: Fire brigades are also known as a fire service or fire authority.
fire brigade booster
fitting that enables the fire brigade to pressurize or pump water into a fire hydrant system or fire sprinkler system
Note 1 to entry: For information on fire brigade boosters, refer to AS 2419.3.
fire hydrant valve
fitting installed in a fire hydrant system main with a single valved outlet or two valved outlets for the connection of fire hose(s)
Note 1 to entry: For information on fire hydrant valves, refer to AS 2419.2.
smaller part for attachment to a greater assembly, hypernym encompassing couplings, adaptors, reducers, blanking and dust caps
interconnection torque
torque, or rotational force, that is required to connect one Storz connection to another having the same gasket type
indicates an option
nominal diameter
alphanumeric designation of diameter for components of a pipeline, which is used for reference purposes
Note 1 to entry: The nominal size comprises the letters DN (Diameter Nominal) followed by a whole number.
nominal pressure
alphanumeric designation of pressure classification based on the rated working pressure, expressed in hundreds of kilopascals, which is used for reference purposes
Note 1 to entry: The nominal pressure comprises the letters PN (Pression Nominal) followed by a whole number.AS 2419.4 pdf download.