ISO 9932:2021 Paper and board — Determination of water vapour transmission rate of sheet materials — Dynamic sweep and static gas methods.
natural raw material (320) excreted by the plant
exudate (114) consisting mainly of polysaccharides
gum oleoresin
exudate (314) consisting mainly of resinous compounds, gums and certain quantities of volatile compounds
EXAMPLE Myrrh. olibanum, galbanurn.
gum resin
exudate (114) consisting mainly of resinous compounds and gum (3.15)
EXAMPLE Shellac gum.
exudate (114) consisting mainly of resinous and volatile compounds
EXAM PLE Pine oleoresin, gurjum.
Note 1 to entry: This natural oleoresin, due to exudation, differs from extracted oleoresins (122).
native aromatic water
aqueous distillate obtained from natural raw material (12.0) endogenous water
Note 1 to entry: There is no exogenous water addition during the process.
EXAMPLE Strawberry native aromatic water, corn mint native aromatic water.
natural raw material
material of vegetal, animal or microbiological origin, as such, obtained by physical, enzymatic or microbiological processes or by traditional preparation processes
Note 1 to entry: Traditional preparation processes include, for example, extraction, distillation, heating, torrefaction, fermentation.
Note 2 to entry: Other sectors of activity can have defined supplementary requirements.
non-concentrated extract single-fold extract
product obtained by treating a natural raw material (320) with one or several non-eliminated solvents
EXAMPLE Asafoetida in peanut oil, benzoin in ethanol.
extracted oleoresin
extract (11,3) of spice or aromatic herb
EXAMPLE Pepper oleoresin, ginger olcoresm.
Note 1 to entry: This extraction-obtained oleoresin differs from exudation-obtained oleoresins (3J.B).ISO 9932 pdf download.