ISO 24083:2021 Information and documentation — International archives statistics.
curated display of objects on a clear concept and communicating a message
Note ito entry: See also ISO 25639-1:2008, 3.1 and ISO 2789:2013, 2.2.10.
[SOURCE: ISO 5127:2017,]
informational question
directional and/or administrative inquiry delivered to archives (lid) staff
Note ito entry: This includes e.g. questions for locating staff or facilities, questions regarding opening times and registering procedures, and questions about handling equipment such as printers and computer terminals.
Note 2 to entry: It is essential that archives do not include reference questions (3.4.11) in this category.
[SOURCE: ISO 2789:2013, 2.2.13, modified — “Archives” replaces “library”. Note 2 to entry has been replaced. Note 3 to entry has been omitted.]
lending of items in the archives’ holdings to, or borrowing an item from, other collecting organizations, private collectors, or agencies
[SOURCE: ISO 18461:2016, 2.4.7, modified — “Items in the archives’ holdings” replaces “object in the museum’s collection”. Note 1 to entry has been omitted.]
physical visit
act of entering into one or all of the parts of the archive’s premises to access the services and programs of the archives
[SOURCE: ISO 18461:2016, 2.4.14, modified — “To access the services and programs of the archives” has been added to the definition]
pre-arranged ongoing and repeatable activity having an intent within the mission of the archives (3..L1)
Note 1 to entry: The activity would usually be of a cultural, educatiornil, social, political, or scholarly nature, etc.
Note 2 to entry: Programs can he organized inside or outside the archives (lid) premises.
Note 3 to entry: Programs inside the archives (ILl) premises organized by institutions outside the archives without the archives participation should be counted separately.
Note 4 to entry: Ongoing programs are included under events (i.e. education program, exhibition program) but each session of a program is counted as one event.
Note 5 to entry: Virtual programs are included, but should be counted separately.
[SOURCE: ISO 18461:2016, 2.4.15, modified — Archives replaces museum. In Note ito entry, the second line has been deleted. In Notes 2 and 3 to entry, archives replaces museums. Note 4 to entry has been replaced.]
publishing activities by archives (3.1.1), issuing documents for sale or licensing to the public in analogue or digital format
[SOURCE: ISO 2789:2013, 2.5.8, modified — Archives replaces libraries. Notes 1 and 2 to entry have been omitted.]ISO 24083 pdf download.