ISO 22497:2021 Doors, windows and curtain walling — Curtain walling — Vocabulary.
mull support
device designed to transfer the dead load of the infill to the framing members (see EigureAU)
Note 1 to entry: When the mull material is glass, the term used is “glazing support”.
insulating glass unit
composite unit of two or more panes of glazing hermetically sealed to provide an improved performance of thermal and acoustic insulation (see Figure A.4)
internal glazing gasket
preformed resilient shaped length of sealing material installed between the internal face of a glass
pane, insulating glass unit (311.6) or infill panel (3.14) and its surrounding frame or glazing bead (3111)
(see EigureA.3 and FigureAA)
vertical framing member positioned at the vertical edge of the curtain walling (3.6) (see Figure A.1)
movement joint
joint to accommodate thermal or other movements arising from the curtain walling (16) or the supporting structure
vertical framing member of a curtain walling (16) (see Figure Al Figure A.2 and Figure A.3)
perimeter seal
joint between the curtain walling (16) and adjacent construction designed to give continuity at both the air and water barriers of the wall (see Figure Ad)
pressure equalization
method of sealing and compartmenting the wall that enables the rapid minimization of differential air pressure between cold facade cavities or glazing rebates and the external air (see Figure A.4)
pressure plate
length of profiled material attached to mullions(12.) and/or transoms 311Z) around the perimeter of a
pane of glass, insulating glass unit (3116) or infill panel (114) to provide restraint and usually compress
the glazing gasket (see Figure A.3. Figure A.4 and Figure A.11)ISO 22497 pdf download.