ISO 19626-2:2021Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration — Trusted communication platform for electronic documents — Part 2: Applications. To get the received c-documents
— The receiving client shall provide the function to get the list of received messages, the detail information of specific message and the attached e-document by retrieving them from receiving server. To request communication verification based on TCE
— When an entity desires to receive evidence to prove that the information of communication on the transmitted or received message is true, the communication client shall provide the function to deliver such a request to the communication server.
— The communication client that has received a request for communication verification from the entity shall request to verify the communication with the information of the communication (such as message ID) to the communication server and return the verification result received from TCE repository through the communication server. To report spam messages
— The communication client shall provide a function to report spam messages if it (especially sending client) determines the received message as a spam message after perusing it.
— If a communication client (especially sending client) selects the received message and intents to report this as a spam message, it shall request to report the message as the spam message to the TTP identity directory through the communication server.
— The communication client (especially sending client) shall inquire the examination result of the spam status on the message which the communication client has reported as the spam message through the communication server.
4.3.4 TCE repository General
‘TCE repository’ stores and manages TCE which proves the fact of (communication) transmitting or receiving messages between communication servers. It plays a role of verifying the fact of communication and assigning trust on the verified information based on TCE when requested by someone else. TCE repository may he operated by one trusted third party or may be operated by getting distributed to TCPSPs. For example, most communication server might share TCE in each TCE repository such as blockchain. However, TCE repository shall have a precondition on the fact of being able to trust each other between all participants of TCP on the fact that the stored TCE is being safely managed from the threat of any forgery.
TCE repository should provide the functions defined in to 4,3.2.3. Storage and management of TCE
— After receiving and verifying the ACK signal including confirmation about information of communication obtained from the receiving server and creating TCE, the transmitting server shall request to store into the TCE repository. The TCE repository shall store TCE requested to be stored using a method which is safe from forgery.
— The period for the TCE repository to store TCE shall be determined by mutual agreement between the participants of TCR.ISO 19626-2 pdf download.