ISO 18530:2021 Health informatics — Automatic identification and data capture marking and labelling — Subject of care and individual provider identification.
machine readable code
code, readable by a machine, which contains information used to establish a relationship between a physical object such as a medical product package and data sources such as medical, production, logistical and/or reimbursement coding systems
recorded information, in any form, including data in computer systems, created or received and maintained by an organization or person in the transaction of business or the conduct of affairs and kept as evidence of such activity
act of giving a record a unique identity in a record keeping system
service relation instance number
attribute to a global service relation number (IS) to identify an instance within a care process
EXAMPLE An identification band, an order sheet, a test-tube, etc.
subject of care
person seeking to receive, receiving or having received health care
4 GS1® specifications and ISO deliverables
In this document, automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) refers to selected data carriers which are widely used across many industries, jurisdictions and which are already based on and specified in ISO deliverables. The benefit of this approach is to use the already widely available applications and devices for encoding and reading the different types of data carriers. It should, however, be noted that certain types of data carriers such as data matrix may only be read by image-based scanners.
AIDC solutions should be in accordance with GS1® general specifications, which in-turn are based on ISO deliverables. If the recommendation is followed, then information contained in the data carriers shall be structured and standardized according to the GS1® semantics. The identification key (global service relation number, GSRN) is the identifier for service relations (such as SoC and Individual Providers) and is supplied by the GS1® System of Standards.
5 Data structures and semantics
5.1 Application identifiers
The GSI® item identification system and related encoding standard are complemented by the GSI® maintained application identifiers, hereafter referred to as “GSl® Application Identifiers” or NGS1® Als. This document comprises two principal elements that are the key to any encoding system: the data content and the data carrier.
The use of GS1® Als is subject to the rules established by GS1®.
GSI® maintains a list of over 200 AIs which support various processes with automatic identification and data capture.ISO 18530 pdf download.