ISO 16165:2020 Ships and marine technology — Marine environment protection — Vocabulary relating to oil spill response.
pillow tank
closed, rectangular, cylindrical or round coated fabric receptacle, which can be used either on the ground or afloat
self erecting open top flexible tank
open top, non-framed receptacle, which is self-erecting due to an “in-built” buoyancy collar which raises the tank walls as the tank is filled with fluids
Note 1 to entry: It may also be referred to as a self-erecting onion” tank.
temporary storage device
receptacle used to hold recovered fluids until they can be transported for further treatment
towable flexible tank
floating receptacle with towing gear characterized by its long flexible cylindrical shape with a volume significantly greater than a floating pillow tank (3.7.4,4)
Note 1 to entry: It may also be called a dracon& tank.
towable open tank
open, inflatable, barge-type vessel that resembles a large inflatable boat, characterised by a portion of the top surface being open to atmosphere
3.8 Dispersant use
application efficiency
volume of dispersant (i4) that is deposited on the target slick compared to the total volume as dispersant applied
Note 1 to entry: Application efficiency is expressed as a percentage.
application rate
volume of dispersant (IAJ applied per unit area, in m3/h
approved dispersant
dispersant (1th4) accepted and listed for use by the relevant national regulatory authorities
surface-active agent used to decrease the interfacial tension between oil and water and to enhance the dispersal of the oil into fine droplets in the water column
dispersant effectiveness
percentage of oil that is dispersed into the water column, for a given slick or area
dispersant exclusion zone
areas in which the use of any dispersant (34) is not permitted
dosage ratio
volume of dispersant (IBA) applied per volume of oil.ISO 16165 pdf download.