BS ISO 8178-4:2020 Reciprocating internal combustion engines – Exhaust emission measurement.
With reference to Clause 9 and Annex H on brake specific emission calculations, the regeneration adjustment factor:
a) When established for an entire weighted cycle, shall be applied to the results of the applicable weighted NRTC, LSI-NRTC and NRSC tests;
b) When established specifically for the individual modes of the applicable discrete-mode cycle, shall be applied to the results of those modes of the applicable discrete-mode NRSC cycle for which regeneration occurs prior to calculating the cycle weighted emission result. In this case the multiple filter method shall be used for PM measurement;
c) May be extended to other members of the same engine family;
d) May be extended to other engine families within the same engine aftertreatment system family with the prior approval of the parties involved based on technical evidence to be supplied by the manufacturer that the emissions are similar.
The following options shall be considered:
a) A manufacturer may elect to omit adjustment factors for one or more of its engine families (or configurations) because the effect of the regeneration is small, or because it is not practical to identify when regenerations occur. In these cases, no adjustment factor shall be used, and the manufacturer is liable for compliance with the emission limits for all tests, without regard to whether a regeneration occurs.
b) Upon request by the manufacturer, the parties involved may account for regeneration events differently than is provided in a). However, this option only applies for events that occur extremely infrequently, and which cannot be practically addressed using the adjustment factors described in a).
5.6 Cooling system An engine cooling system with sufficient capacity to maintain the engine, with its intake-air, oil, coolant, block and head temperatures, at normal operating temperatures prescribed by the manufacturer shall be used. Laboratory auxiliary coolers and fans may be used.
5.7 Lubricating oil The lubricating oil shall be specified by the manufacturer and be representative of lubricating oil available in the market; the specifications of the lubricating oil used for the test shall be recorded and presented with the results of the test.
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