BS ISO 37162:2020 Smart community infrastructures — Smart transportation for newly developing areas.
5.2.11 Emergency measures
Transportation shall have emergency routes for all passengers, especially children, the elderly and those with disabilities, to escape from vehicles to safe ground at times of emergency. Easy communication channels shall be facilitated and include work between the vehicles and dispatchers.
NOTE NFPA 130121 and the EN 45545 seriesiZl-lili provide useful information on protection of rail operation and services from fire disasters.
5.2.12 Energy saving
Transportation systems shall save energy consumption by, for example, using recovered braking energy or minimizing energy consumption through driving skill or optimizing operation schedules.
5.2.13 Driverless operation applicability
Driverless operation shall be applicable to transportation in order to secure reliable transportation services independently of staffing.
NOTE In the transportation business, staffing has been one of the most serious issues in developed countries since 2000.
5.2.14 On-time operation
Transportation shall be operated on time and enable punctual connection with other transportation services, besides smart transportation, to ensure reliable travel for citizens.
NOTE Punctual operation contributes to activate city life and business and attracts more passengers to the transportation services, thereby leading to financially stable transportation management.
5.2.15 Flexibility in track arrangements
Transportation should be implemented on tracks at any level (e.g. elevated, at ground level and underground). Tracks could be laid with small curves and installed alongside public roads, the space above which is available for installation in many cases, to reduce construction costs.
5.3 Installation of smart transportation
By using the transportation modes selected, a system of smart transportation shall be established in accordance with the requirements described in 52.
6 Sustainability in quality of smart transportation for newly developing areas
6.1 General
To maintain the intended performance of smart transportation, and to confirm its effectiveness, periodically observe the following parameters.BS ISO 37162 pdf download.