BS ISO 22059:2020 Guidelines on consumer warranties/guarantees.
5.1.2 Registration of warranty/guarantee
A manufacturer and/or supplier should establish, where appropriate, online registration for consumer warranties/guarantees. A consumer who has such facilities to register their purchase online shall not be required to send the warranty/guarantee card to the manufacturer or supplier in order to secure coverage of the warranties/guarantees.
5.1.3 Infringement of statutory rights
A warranty/guarantee shall not purport to restrict a consumer’s statutory rights to redress, nor
purport to limit the manufacturer and/or supplier’s statutory liability.
5.1.4 Transferability of warranty/guarantee
Rights conferred in the warranties/guarantees shall he transferred to a consumer who acquires the title from the original purchaser by way of sale/gift.
5.2 Terms of warranty/guarantee
5.2.1 Language
The terms of a warranty/guarantee shall be expressed in plain language corresponding to the place where the goods are supplied. The terms shall he expressed in a clear, comprehensible and prominent way.
5.2.2 Disclosure
The warranty/guarantee provisions shall clearly disclose all material information.
5.2.3 Explanation of warranty/guarantee
Additional measures shall be implemented by the manufacturers and/or suppliers to communicate and explain terms to vulnerable consumers.
5.2.4 Warranty/guarantee document
Warranty/guarantee documents shall be formalized through a printed or printable document by
the manufacturers and/or suppliers. The warranty/guarantee document is a commitment by the manufacturers and/or suppliers that the product shall meet the reasonable expectation of consumers during the stipulated period of warranty/guarantee, which shall include the terms of remedies in the event of a fault.
5.2.5 Claims/complaints
The warranty/guarantee shall state where and how the consumers should make a claim/complaint to seek redress (e.g. with the local agent, manufacturer or supplier) including contact information such as a phone number or website address.
5.3 Duration of warranty/guarantee
5.3.1 Perishable product
The warranty/guarantee period shall correspond with the shelf life (date of purchase to the expiry date of a perishable product.BS ISO 22059 pdf download.