BS ISO 21851:2020 Marine technology — Ocean observation systems — Design criteria of ocean hydro-meteorological observation systems reuse and interaction.
4.1.2 Function module
The function module is a module that analyses and displays the source data acquired by Ol-IM-CVI, and provides a standardized interface through MQ and REST. This document lists the data presentation forms commonly used by data display and calculation analysis modules based on observation parameters. Users can increase or decrease data presentation forms according to their requirements and observation parameters. This module shall have the following functions.
1. Data storage: to store the received hydro-meteorological parameter data (see £1).
2. Platform navigation: with a horizontal map as the background, to achieve navigation to each platform. (see £2).
3. Instrument status display: to show the operation status of each instrument in a visual way (see 6.3).
4. Data display: to display the various parameter data in real time in the form of a list (see £4.
5. Graphic display: for real-time display of the various parameter data in a suitable way (see £).
6. Comprehensive query: to query the data under certain conditions, and to display the query results in an appropriate way see £6).
7. Statistic analysis: for the mathematical analysis and display of hydro-meteorological parameter data (see 61).
8. Data export: to export data or charts (see 6.).
9. Print management: to print data or charts (see £9).
10. Console management, page closure, minimization or maximization of the software and function module switching operations (see £1Q).
11. Error and logging, warning and logging of errors during software operation (see £11).
4.1.3 Standardized interface
The standardized interface standardizes data transformation format. It shall consist of the following.
1. Source data input interface: to transfer source data to OFIM-CVI, in a specified format (see
2. Instrument status input interface: to transfer instrument status to OHM-CVI, in a specified format (see 721.2).
3. Data output interface: for the OHM-CVI to provide standardized observation data interfaces (see 7.3Jj.
4. Instrument status output interface: for the OHM-C VI to provide standardized instrument status interfaces (see 7.3.2).
4.1.4 Registration centre General
The registration centre shall contain a registration interface and a query interface. OHM-CVI registration interface
The OHM-CVJ registration interface shall be as follows.
1. Name: registrationOHM-CVI.
2. Function: OHM-CVI register.BS ISO 21851 pdf download.