BS ISO 21406:2020 Tourism and related services – Yacht harbours一 Essential requirements for luxury harbours.
4.2 Privacy
The luxury yacht harbour shall have measures to ensure the highest possible level of privacy of the
users, preserving their anonymity. Measures are given in but not restricted to 4..ii and IA.
4.3 Security
The luxury yacht harbour shall have access control effective 24 h a day, 7 days a week.
Access controls such as key pads and swipe cards shall be accessible and within reach of persons with physical disabilities, and provide both audible and visual confirmation when access is granted.
If the luxury yacht harbour is a public space, the access to the yachts shall be fenced and controlled. A register shall be kept at the luxury yacht harbour office for the users.
Access control shall be implemented for all persons entering and leaving the luxury yacht harbour, including those delivering and collecting supplies and services.
Security personnel shall make rounds of the luxury yacht harbour at least every 2 h from sunset to sunrise.
The luxury yacht harbour shall have a closed-circuit television (CCTV) network covering all luxury yacht harbour grounds, especially entrances and parking lots, with monitors at the luxury yacht harbour office, and 14 day or longer recording of the camera images.
There shall be 24 h a day 7 days a week CCTV surveillance.
The luxury yacht harbour shall implement cyber security protecting securely networks, programmes, data and other proprietary information from cyber security threats, attacks, damage and unauthorized access. It is recommended that ISO/IEC 27032 is followed.
NOTE Special attention is drawn to the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code to ensure the security of yachts, their crew and the luxury yacht harbour facility.
4.4 Comfort and style
The luxury yacht harbour shall make comfort and functionality a priority by meeting the requirements of users in relation to both their yacht and onshore activities.
Services at the berth shall include direct access for the delivery of stores and bunkering services, fresh water, adequate shore power, collection of bilge water, sewage and waste, adjacent workspace, storage and dedicated parking spaces.
The luxury yacht harbour architecture and decor should be designed according to a yacht style, be classic or modern while using quality materials and paying attention to details.
Structure and equipment shall be maintained in order to ensure functionality and visual appeal.
Activities related to the day-to-day running of the luxury yacht harbour shall not impede the comfort and enjoyment of the user. Independent access for the reception and storage of supplies and merchandise and removal of waste shall be implemented to ensure this.
4.5 Office
The luxury yacht harbour shall have an office which shall be housed in purpose-built accommodation which is also accessible to persons using mobility aids, in approach, access and use. The reception function of the office shall be open 24 h each day for general information, arrivals and departures.BS ISO 21406 pdf download.