ACI 549.4R-20 Guide to Design and Construction of Externally Bonded Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix and Steel-Reinforced Grout Systems for Repair and Strengthening of Concrete Structures.
When FRCM/SRG is applied in a wet environment, it is important that the surface be dried to a saturated surface-dry condition immediately prior to the FRCMSRG installation.
FRCM/SRG systems can typically be applied to substrate surfaces subjected to moisture vapor transmission. The transmission of moisture vapor from a substrate surface does not typically compromise the bond between the FRCM’SRG system and substrate.
As different FRC’M’SR(i systems are used in the field, equipment requirements are specific to the selected system. In general, the advantage of FRCMSRG strengthening is associated with light weigln. ease, and speed of application; therefore, special equipment requirements are limited. Equipment may include grinding and grooving tools, sand- blasting equipment, and shotcrete installation equipment. All equipment should be maintained, clean, and in good operating condition.
The contractor should have personnel trained in equipment operation. Personal protective gear, such as gloves, eye guards, and coveralls, should he worn as required by manufacturer’s specifications.
F.quipment and material supplies in sufficient quantities should be available to allow continuity in installation and quality control tasks. Safe and convenient access to those surfaces being strengthened will help ensure proper FRCMI SRG application.
7.4—Substrate repair and surface preparation
The behavior of members strengthened or retrofitted with FRCM SRG systems is highly dependent on substrate and proper preparation and profiling of the substrate surface. An improperly prepared surface can result in dehonding or delamination of the FRCM/SRG system before achieving the design load nansfer. General guidelines presented herein should he applicable to all bonded FRCM/SRG systems. Specific guidelines for a specific FRCMSRG system should he obtained from its manufacturer,
7.4.1 Sithc:rate repair— Problems associated with the condition of the original member and its substrate that can compromise the integrity of the FRCMSRG system should he addressed before surface preparation begins. The FRc’M’ SRG system manufacturer should be consulted to verify the compatibility of materials used for repairing the substrate with the composite system.ACI 549.4R pdf download.