AC1 301M 99 Specifications for Structural Concrete.
1.2-Definitions Acceptable or Accepted-Acceptable to or accepted by the ArchitectEngineer. ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1-A per- son who has demonstrated knowledge and ability to perform and record the results of ASTM standard tests on freshly mixed concrete and to make and cure test specimens. Such knowledge and ability shall be demonstrated by passing pre- scribed written and performance examinations and having cre- dentials that are current with the American Concrete Institute. Architect/Engineer or Engineer/Architect-The Architect, Engineer, architectural firm, engineering firm, or architec- tural and engineering firm, issuing project drawings and specifications, or administering work under the Contract Documents. 1.1.1 Work specified-This Reference Specification cov- Provisions of this Specification shall govern except where 1.1.2 Work not specified-The following subjects are not Architectural concreteroncrete that is exposed as an in- terior or exterior surface in the completed structure and is designated as architectural concrete in the Contract Docu- ments; contributes to visual character of the completed struc- ture and therefore requires special care in the selection of the concrete materials, forming, placing, and finishing to obtain the desired architectural appearance. Backshores-Shores placed snugly under a concrete slab or structural member after the original formwork and shores have been removed from a small area without allowing the slab or member to deflect or support its own mass or existing construction loads from above.
Exposed to public view-Situated so that it can be seen from a public location after completion of the building. High-early-strength concreteroncrete that, through the use of ASTM C 150 Type III cement or admixtures, is capa- ble of attaining specified strength at an earlier age than nor- mal concrete. Lightweight concrete-Concrete of substantially lower density than normalweight concrete. Mass concrete-Any volume of concrete with dimensions large enough to require that measures be taken to cope with generation of heat from hydration of the cement and atten- dant volume change to minimize cracking. Mass concrete, plain-Mass concrete containing no rein- forcement or less reinforcement than necessary to be consid- ered reinforced mass concrete. Mass concrete, reinforced-Mass concrete containing ad- equate reinforcement, prestressed or nonprestressed, de- signed to act together with the concrete in resisting forces including those induced by temperature and shrinkage. Normalweight concrete-Concrete having a density of approximately 2400 kg/m3 made with gravel or crushed stone aggregates. Ownerrorporation, association, partnership, individual, public body, or authority with whom the Contractor enters into agreement, and for whom the Work is provided. Permitted-Accepted or acceptable to the ArchitectEngi- neer usually pertaining to a request by the Contractor, or when specified in the Contract Documents.AC1 301M  pdf download.