ACI 440.5M-08 Specification for Construction with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing Bars.
1 .3—Reference standards
1.3.1 Reference standards—Standards of ACI referred to in this Specification are listed with serial designation including year of adoption or revision, and are part of this Specification. AC! siandards
117.06 Specifications for Tolerances for Concrete Construction and Materials
301M.05 Specifications for Structural Concrete
440.6M.08 Specification for Carbon and Glass Fiber. Reinforced Polymer IFRP Bar Materials for Concrete Reinforcement
1 .4—Submittals
Unless otherwise required by Contract Documents, submit data and drawings specified in 1.4.1 through 1.4.3 for review and acceptance before fabrication and execution:
1.4.1 Submit the data specified in through unless otherwise specified: FRP reinforcement—Submit FRP bar manufacturer’s certified leSt report. Placing drawings—Submit placing drawings showing fabrication dimensions and placement locations of FRP reinforcement and reinforcement supports. Splices—Submit a list of splices and request to use splices not indicated in Contract Documents. Supports—Submit description of reinforcement supports and materials for fastening reinforcement not described in 2.1.3.
1.4.2 FRP reinforcement relocath.’n—When alternatives are proposed, submit a request to relocate any FRP reinforcement that exceeds specified placement tolerances. Include new arrangement of reinforcement and justification for new arrangement.
1.4.3 inspection and qualirv control—Submit quality assurance/quality control program of plant manufacturing FRP reinforcement unless otherwise specified.
1.5—Materials delivery, storage, and handling
1.5.1 Prevent bending. coating with earth, oil, or other material, or otherwise damaging the FRP reinforcement. Permitted damage—The maximum total unre- paired visible damage permitted on each linear meter of each FRP bar shall not exceed 2% of the surface area in that linear meter of bar. The depth of the permissible damage shall not exceed 1 mm. 2.1.2 Grids and gratings—Premanufactured grids and gratings are not covered by this Specification. Mat reinforce- ment made of preassembled FRP bars is covered by this Specification. 2.1.3 FRP reinforcement supports—Use reinforcement supports made of dielectric material or, if ferrous, coated with dielectric material, including epoxy or another polymer. 2.1.4 Precast concrete reinforcement supports—Use concrete supports that have a surface area of not less than 2500 mm 2 and a compressive strength and durability properties equal to or greater than the specified compressive strength of the concrete being placed. 2.2—Fabrication 2.2.1 FRP reinforcement—No field fabrication is permitted except tying of FRP reinforcing bars, field cutting in accordance with the design or placement drawings, or both. Field cutting shall be performed as described in 3.4.ACI 440.5M pdf download.