UL 8754:2018-08 UL 8754, Holders, Bases, and Connectors for Solid-State (LED) Light Engines and Arrays.
1.1 UL 8754 specifies the requirements applicable to holders, bases and connectors intended for
solid-state (LED) light engines and arrays for installation in lighting equipment, provided that they employ
a configuration not typically found on incandescent or fluorescent light sources.
1.2 This standard does not cover lampholders with screw, bayonet or pin-type bases intended to be
compatible with incandescent or fluorescent lamps. Such lampholders are covered under CSA C22.2 No.
43 / UL 496.
1.3 This standard does not cover wire connectors. Such connectors are covered under CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 65 / UL 486A-486B or CSA C22.2 No. 2459 / UL 2459.
2 Definitions
2.1 For the purpose of this standard, the following definitions apply:
2.2 BASE — That part of a lampholder that is used for mounting of the device.
2.3 CURRENT-INTERRUPTING DEVICE — A component (such as a switch or breaker) intended to stop the flow of current in a lampholder circuit.
2.4 ENCLOSURE — That part or parts of a lampholder that:
a) Renders inaccessible all or any parts of the equipment that may otherwise present a risk of electric shock, or
b) Retards propagation of flame caused by electrical disturbances occurring within.
2.5 INSULATION, BASIC — The insulation necessary to provide basic protection against the risk of electric shock. This insulation may be in the form of vulcanized fiber, an inorganic or polymeric material, or an air gap.
2.6 INSULATION, DOUBLE — An insulation system comprised of both basic insulation and supplementary insulation.
2.7 INSULATION, REINFORCED — A single insulation system with such mechanical and electrical qualities that it, in itself, provides the same degree of protection against the risk of electric shock as does double insulation.
Note: The term esingle insulation system’ does not necessitate that the insulation must be in one homogeneous piece. The insulation system may comprise two or more layers that cannot be tested as supplementary or basic insulation.
2.8 INSULATION, SUPPLEMENTARY — An independent insulation provided in addition to the basic insulation to provide protection against the risk of electric shock in case of breakdown of the basic insulation.
2.9 LAMP BASE — The part of a lamp that engages the lampholder and makes contact with the electrical circuits of the lampholder.
2.10 LAMP CONNECTOR — A type of lampholder that provides electrical connection to a lamp but does not provide mechanical support: sometimes known as a lamp-supported lampholder.UL 8754 pdf download.