UL 626:2018-06 UL 626, Water Fire Extinguishers.
1.1 These requirements cover the construction and performance, exclusive of performance during fire tests, of water fire extinguishers. Water fire extinguishers are intended to be utilized in accordance with the Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, NFPA 10, and the National Fire Code of Canada.
1.2 These requirements cover stored-pressure, water fire extinguishers that use a single chamber for both the extinguishing agent and the expellant gas.
1.3 The extinguishers covered by these requirements may be charged with plain water, an antifreeze or a loaded-stream solution. See Extinguishing Agent, Clause 23.
1.4 The requirements for performance during fire testing of stored-pressure water fire extinguishers are specified in the Binational Standard for Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers, ANSI/UL 711 CAN/U LC-S508.
1.5 As used in these requirements, the term “extinguisher” refers to all extinguishers or any part thereof covered by these requirements, unless specifically noted otherwise.
2 Units of Measurement
2.1 The metric unit shall be designated as the official unit for purposes of this standard. Where values of measurement are specified in both SI and English units, either unit is used. In cases of dispute, the metric unit shall be used.
3 Reference Publications
3.1 See Annex A for a list of publications referenced in this standard. Any undated reference to a code or standard appearing in the requirements of this standard shall be interpreted as referring to the latest edition of that code or standard. When the latest edition of a standard is not applicable, the appropriate edition is indicated accordingly in Annex A.
4 Components
4.1 Except as indicated in 4.2a component of a product covered by this standard shall comply with the requirements for that component. A component shall comply with both the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and the Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada standards for the component.
4.2 A component is not required to comply with a specific requirement that:
a) Involves a feature or characteristic not required in the application of the component in the product covered by this standard, or
b) Is superseded by a requirement in this standard.UL 626 pdf download.