UL 60950-22:2017-03 Information Technology Equipment一Safety一Part 22: Equipment to be Installed Outdoors.
1.1 Equipment covered
This part of lEG 60950 apphes to information technology equipment intended to be installed in an OUTDOOR LOCATiON.
The requirements for OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT also apply, where relevant, to OUTDOOR ENCLOSURES suitable for direct installation in the field and supplied for housing information technology equipment to be installed in an OUTDOOR LOCATION.
1.2 Additional requirements
Each installation may have particular requirements. Some examples are given in 4.2. In addition, requirements for protection of the OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT against the effects of direct lightning strikes are not covered by the standard. For information on this subject, see IEC 62305-I NFPA 780 or CAN/CSA- B72.
2 Normative references
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