UL 60947-7-4(ND):2018 Low-Voltage Switchgear and Controlgear – Part 7-4: Ancillary equipment – PCB terminal blocks for copper conductors.
1.1 DV D2 Modification by adding the following:
1.1DV.1 This standard also applies to terminal blocks that have insulation piercing or displacement clamping units.
1.1 DV.2 The wire range for terminal blocks covered by this standard include 0,051 mm2 to
300 mm2 (30 AWG to 600 kcmil) copper conductors and 3,31 mm2 to 300 mm2 (12 AWG to
600 kcmil) aluminum conductors. See Annex DVA for aluminum requirements.
In Mexico, 3,31 mm2 (12 AWG), 5,26 mm2 (10 AWG), and 8,37 mm2 (8 AWG) aluminum conductors are not allowed.
1.1 DV.3 The voltage range Includes up to 1500 Vac and 1500 Vdc.
1 .2DV Dl Modification to add the following:
See Annex DVB for standard references.
2.7DV D2 Add the following definitions to Clause 2:
2.7DV.1 special preparation (of conductor end)
alteration of the manufactured shape or surface of the conductor to enable it to be connected to the terminal.
2.7DV.2 factory wiring terminal
a terminal intended in the end application to be connected under controlled conditions, usually at a manufacturer’s location. Such terminations use prepared or unprepared conductors. Applicable for the United States. In Canada and Mexico, this definition does not apply.
2.7DV.3 insulation piercing or displacement clamping unit
a clamping unit for the connection and possible disconnection of one conductor or the interconnection of two or more conductors, the connection being made by piercing, boring through, cutting through, removing, displacing, or making ineffective in some other manner the insulation of the conductor or conductors without previous stripping.
2.7DV.4 post connector
a connector utilizing a post onto which one or more conductors are secured by means of a tool.
2.7DV.5 SMD
a surface mount device
2.7DV.6 stud-and-nut type connector
a connector in which a conductor can be looped around a stud and retained by a nut or a connector that can retain a conductor that is first terminated in a wire connector.
3DV.1 D2 Modification by adding the item D to the list of types of terminal blocks as follows:
j) for field and factory wiring or for factory wiring only. In Canada and Mexico this does not apply.
3DV.2 D3 Modification to add the following:
In Canada, the general requirements applicable to this Standard are provided in
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 0.
4.3.1 DV D2 Modification by adding the folio wing:
Clause of Table DVB.2, Reference No. 9, applies.
4.3.5 DV D2 Modification by adding the following:
The minimum wire range specified in Table 2 does not apply.UL 60947-7-4(ND) pdf download.