UL 60384-14:2017-06 Fixed Capacitors for Use in Electronic Equipment – Part 14: Sectional Specification: Fixed Capacitors for Electromagnetic Interference Suppression and Connection to the Supply Mains.
Normally, the numerical values shall be given for the length, width and height of the body and the wire spacing, or for cylindrical types, the body diameter and the length and diameter of the terminations. When necessary, for example when a number of capacitance values/voltage ranges are covered by a detail specification, their dimensions and their associated tolerances shall be placed in a table below the drawing.
When the configuration is other than that described above, the detail specification shall state such dimensional information as will adequately describe the capacitor. When the capacitor is not designed for use on printed boards, this shall be clearly stated in the detail specification.
1.4.2 Mounting
The detail specification shall specify the method of mounting to be applied for normal use and for the application of the vibration, bump or shock tests. The capacitors shall be mounted by their normal means. The design of the capacitor may be such that special mounting fixtures are required in its use. In this case, the detail specification shall describe the mounting fixtures and they shall be used in the application of the vibration, bump or shock tests.
If recommendations for mounting for “normal” use are made, they should be included in the detail specification under “1.8 Additional information (Not for inspection purposes)”. If recommendations are included, a warning can be given that the full vibration, bump and shock performance may not be available if mounting methods other than those specified in 1.1 of the detail specification are used.
1.4.3 Ratings and characteristics
The ratings and characteristics shall be in accordance with the relevant clauses of this specification, together with the following. Nominal capacitance range
The preferred range of capacitance values should follow 2.2.1 of this standard.
When products approved to the detail specification have different ranges, the following statement should be added: ‘The range of values available in each voltage range is given in the register of approvals, available for example on the website www.iecq.org.”UL 60384-14 pdf download.