UL 60335-2-8(ND):2018 Household and Similar Electrical Appliances一Safety – Part 2-8: Particular Requirements for Shavers, Hair Clippers and Similar Appliances.
Hair clippers and shavers incorporating a suction feature to collect clippings or shavings during operation are also covered by this standard.
1 DV.2 D2 Modification of Note 104 of the Part 2 by the addition of the following dashed items:
— lather makers (UL 499);
— barber shop vacuum cleaners for use on persons (UL 1017)
— manicure, pedicure, or personal grooming appliances used for similar purposes (UL 859). However, hair clipping and shaving appliances supplied with manicure, pedicure, or other similar attachments or accessories are Investigated under these requirements and such additional requirements as are applicable to the appliance under consideration.
— lasers and Intense light source hair removal devices (UL 60601).
3.1 .9DV D2 Modification to replace the second paragraph and Note 101 with the folio wing:
The appliance is held by appropriate means so as to have negligent effect on blade movement, temperature and load. It is held with it major axis and the major axis of the cutting head or other accessory positioned in a horizontal plane and operated without applying a load.
3.101 DV D2 Modification to replace the definition for animal shearer with the following:
ANIMAL SHEARER: appliance for commercial use for shearing the fleece of an animal such as a sheep, in which the distance between the stationary blade teeth is typically large enough to introduce a risk of personal injury.
3.1 O3DV D2 Modification to replace 3.103 with the following:
WASHABLE APPLIANCE: appliance, the hand-held part of which can be cleaned under water
NOTE: Where the term washable shaver is used throughout the standard, this is also applicable to other washable appliances.
3.1 O4DV D2 Modification to replace 3.104 with the following:
WET APPLIANCE: appliance, the hand-held part of which may be used in a bath or shower
NOTE: Where the term wet shaver is used throughout the standard, this is also applicable to other wet appliances.
5.8.2DV D2 Modification to add the following:
During the required tests for a cLAsS UI APPLIANCE, each USB connection shall be connected to an independent 5,25 V dc, 8 A capacity DC source of supply unless otherwise indicated. If the appliance has a USB power delivery connection, the voltage shall instead be 21,5 V or 1,05 times the declared operating voltage if less than 20 V. When it is stated that the supply voltage is the RATED VOLTAGE multiplied by a factor, this is disregarded for a css III APPLIANCE.UL 60335-2-8(ND) pdf download.